Viewing claim information

Claim information contains details relating to a claim for service. You can search for your own claims, and for any claims of dependents or spouse, within a date range or claim number.

To view the details of claims:

  1. Select Claim Information from the menu. The Search Claims History screen appears.
  2. You have the option to either:
  3. Select the Search button. The Search Results screen appears. If you would like to see more information on a claim, select the link under the Claim No. column. The Explanation of Benefit screen appears.

The Explanation of Benefit (EOB) is created by the benefit provider and contains details on a claim. The EOB lists items such as patient name, and relationship to subscriber, claim number, payment information, as well as who received the payment. More importantly, details such as if the dentist is a network provider, and the percentage covered for services is shown. To print a copy of the of the EOB, select the Print Preview link, and print using your browser's print functionality.

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Last updated 11/9/2012